A story tells more than a thousand photos.

You might disagree, but when years pass a written story or a journal are more meaningful to relate to an experience – yours or others’ – than a photo album that was never sorted, showing places or people that you nobody recalls.

Recently I stopped taking photos and started “creating” full pictures of my surroundings when having a new and exciting experience. Sometimes this inspired me to write a fictional story, because literature is a beautiful means of travelling and infiltrating too.

Here you will find some samples that may inspire you, or make you laugh, or enable your innate procrastination.

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Things (White) Middle-aged Men Say
Privilege. Entitlement. Patriarchy. All these centuries of having an upper-hand may unarguably turn anyone into an arsehole. Is it white
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Toxic coolness : “I’m not one of those annoying feminists/vegans”
Many times I have caught myself justifying my ethics to someone else, as in to justify that, despite doing what
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Unexpected Lessons from Bali
It is sometimes amusing to take notes while traveling. Notes on whatever seems odd, hilarious, anecdotal, characteristic or incomprehensible. It
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