Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting and humbling experiences out there.

Inspired by my own experience scuba diving, I have written a few articles on practicalities, findings and on being an eco-diver.

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PADI Divemaster – eLearning theory experience
Having a full time job is not the optimal way of doing your Divemaster course. Even if you have generous
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Diving in Vanua Levu (Fiji)
Vanua Levu is not the beat track of scuba diving - but it has a great deal to offer! Here
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Marseille as a local: a comprehensive map
Marseille has always had a bad reputation in France. In the world, too. As a port city, and in the
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The Key
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Unexpected Lessons from Bali
It is sometimes amusing to take notes while traveling. Notes on whatever seems odd, hilarious, anecdotal, characteristic or incomprehensible. It
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A wetsuit at 36000ft: a successful experiment
To (wet)suit or not to (wet)suit. On dry land, that is. Or even weirder, at 36000ft. Planning diving holidays in
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Things (White) Middle-aged Men Say
Privilege. Entitlement. Patriarchy. All these centuries of having an upper-hand may unarguably turn anyone into an arsehole. Is it white
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Alluminati: DAY 1
The mystery has just started to unfold. It is DAY 1 of the investigation, and backtracking the events leading to
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Buying scuba gear when NOTHING fits
One of the many questions that pop to one’s mind when starting scuba diving – and obsessing over it –
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Alluminati: Synopsis
Alluminati is a comedy/thriller based in Crete. This is the Synopsis of the coming book, entirely published on the site.
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