Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is one of the most exciting and humbling experiences out there.

Inspired by my own experience scuba diving, I have written a few articles on practicalities, findings and on being an eco-diver.

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Alluminati: Prologue
This is where the story begins. A crocrodile, a child, an overfeeding Greek grandmother. And a floating head, the first
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Religious rituals for the convinced atheist
For the convinced atheist it may become painfully awkward to be involved in a religious ritual. It is not a
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    How infiltrating a French “fanfare” opened the door to becoming French. What is this madness?  
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Inside the EEEWW Bubble
For those of you not familiar with the European Union’s institutions, the term “EU Bubble” might be somewhat new. If,
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Marseille as a local: a comprehensive map
Marseille has always had a bad reputation in France. In the world, too. As a port city, and in the
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Alluminati: DAY 1
The mystery has just started to unfold. It is DAY 1 of the investigation, and backtracking the events leading to
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Scuba diving calendar around the world
Scuba diving and travelling, two passions that couldn’t marry better. With so many amazing diving destinations that are TO DIVE
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A local taste of Athens
After somebody told me once they didn’t enjoy the days they spent in Athens during an Aegean trip, I realised
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PADI Divemaster – eLearning theory experience
Having a full time job is not the optimal way of doing your Divemaster course. Even if you have generous
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Toxic coolness : “I’m not one of those annoying feminists/vegans”
Many times I have caught myself justifying my ethics to someone else, as in to justify that, despite doing what
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