The Art of Infiltrating Cultures


Infiltrating cultures can be as arduous as it is gratifying.

This is a series of infiltration stories, experiences that were created by joining different groups of people, it be locals in different countries or specific groups of people with a passion or determination in common.

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Privilege. Entitlement. Patriarchy. All these centuries of having an upper-hand may unarguably turn anyone into an arsehole. Is it white
Χανιά (or Chania) is a wonderful city in Crete, Greece. Saying that I fell in love with this island the
For those of you not familiar with the European Union's institutions, the term "EU Bubble" might be somewhat new. If,
If Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, Barcelona is up there (sometimes to the desperation
Air travel has opened frontiers and enables us to... ... BLAH BLAH BLAH! Yeah it's all very cool and everything.
Marseille has always had a bad reputation in France. In the world, too. As a port city, and in the
Bosnia was the first ex-Yugoslavian country that I explored thoroughly, although not the first one I visited. Bosnia strikes me
Bali Dogs Balinese dogs are this cute strange breed of husky-like mongrels with short legs - kinda like an Akita/Chow
For a non-diver, scuba diving might look like... "some fancy activity for bored people to feel something while wearing expensive
Many times I have caught myself justifying my ethics to someone else, as in to justify that, despite doing what
Back in 2011 I wrote this little article about my stay in Don Det, Laos, which I posted in Backpackers
For the convinced atheist it may become painfully awkward to be involved in a religious ritual. It is not a
After somebody told me once they didn’t enjoy the days they spent in Athens during an Aegean trip, I realised
After the atrocities seen in Catalonia on the 1st of October 2017, most democrats and human rights advocates are burning
It is sometimes amusing to take notes while traveling. Notes on whatever seems odd, hilarious, anecdotal, characteristic or incomprehensible. It
I'm not a religious person. Like at all. At all at all. I'm very very much an atheist. My attempts
After so many years in Paris, I cannot count the times I have been asked for recommendations about the city.
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