The Art of Infiltrating Cultures


Infiltree is not about travelling. It’s about sneakily infiltrating other cultures. About absorbing the world through flavours, smells, words, sounds and smiles. And about bubbles… lots of bubbles.

The term infiltree was coined during a sunny Spring afternoon, beer in hand (not wine), au bord de la Seine in Paris. In French it was infiltrée, infiltrator in feminine. An infiltrator. Not a local, neither a foreigner. Just someone who acts, lives and thinks momentarily like a local while having many options to escape to – and not ceasing to contemplate them. Not a mermaid, neither a land-based mammal… Just a diver whose mind is often in the ocean, but whose actions are mainly on land.

On the other hand this site is not called merely infiltrée; it is now called “infiltree”. A little play on words for the treehuggers of the world who also feel that nature (wildlife, environment, landscapes, seasons) is the main reason to live and travel but also the one reason to live and travel as sustainably as possible.

In addition, some fictional short stories are sometimes the product of this journey of infiltrating the world as a pseudo-local nomad.

Side note:

Guest writers at infiltree have been through a very dark initiation ritual in which they have thoroughly demonstrated their innate infiltration abilities. None have perish so far in this endeavour. We intend to keep it that way.

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