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Scuba diving calendar around the world

Scuba diving and travelling, two passions that couldn’t marry better.

With so many amazing diving destinations that are TO DIVE FOR, it can be difficult to plan your “diving year” ahead. You might have dreamt to dive with whales in Tonga, or to see hammerheads in Cocos, or to see the ever-elusive mola-mola in Nusa Penida. The thing is that with a full-time (non-diving) job, it is sometimes hard to optimise the when and where of the equation. Because even though all those places are always the RIGHT place, the time might not be the best.

This is why I created this collaborative spreadsheet calendar where not only can you find different locations with what you can expect to see in terms of wildlife for a given year, but you can also spread the love by filling up with your own experiences, your local dive site, your last research for a particular place, etc. Hopefully this will become a helpful diving calendar for all of us, to be able to optimise our diving time with destinations, seasons and migration patterns.

Happy diving!

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