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Paris as a local: an interactive map

After so many years in Paris, I cannot count the times I have been asked for recommendations about the city. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, one can truly get lost going form landmark to landmark without experiencing the “real” Paris, the “local” Paris, what makes Paris a beautiful city with a huge personality and not the pretence so many tourists feel here. Although yes, tourists annoy the hell out of Parisians sometimes…

So what do locals do? Where do they hang out? What restaurants to go to? And bars? What about nightlife? Nice strolls in the city?

Well, the city of lights has everything. But navigating through Montmartre on a sunny day can be a total torture. Too many tourists and too many tourist traps. It is not Paris. It is, like the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Elysées, not that far from what Disneyland is: a fake world, a theme park of what Paris truly is.

I crafted this map for when my visitors want to spend some time “touristing” while keeping it interesting, because I cannot always be there to guide. There are plenty of museums that you might want to check out, in addition, but for those of you who prefer to get a “feeling” of the Parisian life, it is better to stick to strolling about and drinking picon-bières and pastis in humble bars.

Tip 1: For info, many of the landmarks on the map have explanations of the relevance of the place, a bit of history, or curiosities. Check them out and enjoy your stroll.

Tip 2: You can select which libraries to view/hide so you can navigate more easily through the map. Just look at the legend and select/deselect.

The map is created with Mymaps by Google. To open it with google maps, go to:

    1. Options
    2. Your places
    3. MAPS
    4. Select your map (if you opened my link before, it should appear there too).
    5. It should appear overlaid on your google map, with your position included if you have GPS/internet.

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