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A local taste of Athens

After somebody told me once they didn’t enjoy the days they spent in Athens during an Aegean trip, I realised that not everybody had the same picture of what is one of my favourite cities in the entire world.

“Athens was unimpressive”, they said, “it is a mess”, they complained. I was in shock. But most importantly, I regretted not having shared with them what I truly appreciate of the city.

This is when I decided to create a map that everyone can access, with proposed itineraries with explanations of what to appreciate of that particular place. There are not only places to visit, but also more alternative and local flavours, walks around neighbourhoods, places to eat and drink, etc. Locals enjoy eating and drinking, although they are not known for excesses as it is the case in other cultures; a Greek can enjoy a coffee for a few hours, and the same goes for a glass of ouzo or a beer.

Prices have stayed high, if not increased, during the recession and you cannot expect a cheap city. However, quality is what you will generally find in terms of food, and if you follow some of the tips for restaurants you cannot go wrong. You can also find in the map some suggestions for bars and rooftops, which you might want to explore.

I am sharing this map so no friend of mine tells me again that Athens is an unimpressive city.

Enjoy Athens!

The map is created with Mymaps by Google. To open it with google maps, go to:

  1. Options
  2. Your places
  3. MAPS
  4. Select your map (if you opened my link before, it should appear there too).
  5. It should appear overlaid on your google map, with your position included if you have GPS/internet.

What do you think?

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