The Art of Infiltrating Cultures

Alluminati: Synopsis

Chania. Crete. Greece, 2015.

Chania Crete

A group of international youngsters, self proclaimed the “Alluminati”, are spending a bizarre holiday at a resort called Cauldron.

An obnoxious German tourist who tailed the unwelcoming group during their entire journey appears dead in a mysterious April morning.

Given the strange nature of the events, EUROPOL hijacks the case and appoints European Union representatives and German investigators to support the local detectives in determining the causes of the death. An incident of this magnitude, given the already tense relationships between the two states and the European Union, could cause a much bigger impact than anyone could have anticipated…

But this investigation will not be easy, as the European Union representatives and German investigators will underestimate the cultural barrier between their bureaucratic institutions and the free nature of the islanders.

Road sign shot


Dark humour, political incorrectness, obscure rituals, some unexpected plot twists and a lot of shitty stereotypes… for the first time together in a… thriller?

Whatever, just wait for the book to come out.


Coming soon…


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