The Art of Infiltrating Cultures

A stroll in Bosnia

Bosnia was the first ex-Yugoslavian country that I explored thoroughly, although not the first one I visited. Bosnia strikes me as a clash of flavours: lots of reminiscence of the Turkish influence, the Serbian, the Croats… The beautiful nature, the landmines… The hospitality of locals, their damaged cities…

Sarajevo is a city to fall in love with. It’s a cosy capital with minarets popping like flowers above houses, some run-down buildings with reminders of the war – which was so recent – and amazing food. When I say “amazing food”, I cannot stress that enough. Affordable, adorable and astonishingly rewarding, I believe Bosnia is a jewel of Europe not to be missed.

On top of that, Sarajevo is the city that hosted some of my favourite musicians – here I mention Bijelo Dugme as the Rolling Stones of old Yugoslavia, and that’s SO big for the Rolling Stones.

What do you think?

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